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Rough Green Lumber  ~ You Should See What We "Saw" From The Berkshire Hills

The forest land of the Berkshire Hills grows some of the finest timber in the Northeast. It is from these hills that our products begin. The trees are selectively harvested to ensure timber for future generations. The logs are then transported to our sawmill and manufactured into lumber, which is dried in our own kiln.Each piece is handled with care as it follows the process through our planing mill to become one of our many specialty products. From the woods to your home Tallon Lumber is foremost in providing a quality product and we're proud to say, "It's grown and made in the U.S.A."

Rough green full dimension lumber/timbers cut to order 1’ and up, 8’-20’ We can also saw your logs into lumber/timbers.
• Pine
• Hemlock
• Red or White Oak
Pine and hemlock ideal for timber frames or barn siding
Red or white oak often used for trailer decking or horse fence
Pine Wavy Edge Siding


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Industrial Lumber
• Chock Blocks
• Boards & Timbers
• Cants
• Crate & Pallet Lumber
• Truck & Trailer Decking
• Hardwood Stakes

Chock Blocks     

Hardwood Stakes
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